Prep Seal Oil Spot Primer

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION & BENEFITS Prep Seal is a ready to use latex based emulsion designed for sealing and priming oil spots on asphalt pavement prior to applying pavement sealer. Prep Seal helps prevent oil and gas from bleeding up through freshly applied asphalt or coal tar based pavement sealer.

  • Basic Uses: For any asphalt pavement surface including parking lots, driveways, airports, and more.
  • Composition: Prep Seal is a latex emulsion blend containing specialty surfactants designed for priming petroleum based stains.
  • TECHNICAL DATA Environmental Considerations: Prep Seal is an environmentally friendly water based latex emulsion containing less than 150 grams per liter volatile organic content (VOC)
  • INSTALLATION Surface must be free from dirt and dust. Wipe up or scrape excessive build-up of oil, grease, and gasoline spots. A torch may be used to burn away any residual.
  • Methods: Prep Seal shall be applied by roller, brush, or spray application tools.
  • Application: Apply mixed Prep Seal with roller, brush, or spray. Allow to dry completely before applying pavement sealer.

NOTE: A small amount of sand may be broadcast onto wet Prep Seal. Once dry, this will help create an improved mechanical bond between the Prep Seal and the pavement sealer.